The construction industry can be challenging at times, especially with the application for payment and approval process. When it comes to dealing with thousands of complicated payments to be processed, make sure all your applications for payment get delivered on time. offers solutions to these challenges with the Application for Payment Toolkit. Download our free eGuide created by contractor, for contractors.

Our FREE Application for Payment Toolkit includes helpful topics on:

  • How to get paid faster on construction projects
  • Retention, for contractors and subcontractors
  • The risk of failing to chase contractor payments.
  • The need to comply with any construction payment terms
  • How to eliminate the inefficiencies of paper-based applications
  • The effects of poor cash flow and the impact of delayed construction progress payments on your business
  • Causes of construction payment disputes.

Simplify your application for payment process and get the job done! is an award-winning payment claims application created in response to the £6bn wasted every year across construction sites. was created by contractors like yourself to help bridge the gap between multiple organisations and stakeholders. It provides an easy-to-use, real-time online collaboration platform that deals with all your payment claims with one single click!

This cloud-based solution allows contract parties to collaborate on a neutral platform, eliminating the need for endless spreadsheet reconciliations, email trails and heated phone calls. Not only that, it can be accessed from any location, on any device.

Endless spreadsheet reconciliations, angry phone calls, mislaid papers and several days wasted each month on chasing up invoices. Sound familiar? is a cloud-based solution designed to help you manage and improve the workflow of all your construction claims. Offering a wide range of features that meet the needs of construction businesses, helps you focus on your projects and get the job done!

What are the key benefits of

  • Manage and approve thousands of applications for payments with a single click
  • Get paid and pay all your subcontractors on time
  • Save yourself several days per month - no more chasing up invoices
  • Take control of your supply chain, and keep all your documents, applications for payment and contracts in one, secure location online
  • Improve workflow and communications between you, your staff and subcontractors
  • Access all the information you need about your projects, wherever you are, in the office
    or on site, from any device.


Submit and approve applications for payment in seconds

Simply update your completions and click Submit for straightforward construction payment processing.


Clear and simple management reporting for all your payment claims.

Workflow management

Multi-stage approval process to simplify your application for payments and get the job done!

Works with existing systems

No need to replace the tools or systems you are currently using. But you can chuck out those old-fashioned, contractor invoice templates you created in Excel.

Simplified documentation

Use professional documentation in PDF format to email, print or store securely in the cloud forever. Much easier to keep up with your stage payment, right?

Instant retention tracking

Project-to-date retention notified every time. No need to worry about your construction contract any more.

Compliance checklist

Manage and track document compliance for all contractors. Keep all your construction contracts in one place, safely in the cloud.

Ease of confirmation

Now you can issue confirming payment notices and applications for payments instantly. Each stage payment is straightforward and trackable every step of the way.

Automatic email reminders

You’ll never need to ‘remember’ to raise a payment notice or application for payment again!

Go mobile works on all smartphone and tablet devices. Prepare, apply, assess and certify payment applications wherever you are.

Work evidence delivery in real time

Submit your application for payment on site with a photo you’ve just taken.

Ease of adjustment

Add and manage variations with ease and get the answers before your next application for payment. No more doubts!

Simple and easy to use

All you need to do is enter information on our intuitive forms – no complicated accounting system, just an interactive payment application.

Written explanations of all modifications

Get a clear picture of what is and isn’t getting paid and why. All the details in one place.

Shared system

All the information you need, in a format you understand, on time and accurate.

Rapid manager

Bulk approve applications for payments. How quick is that?

User permission

Payment applications secured project by project.